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Russia's history of the twentieth centuryKreview Team4
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Russia's history of the twentieth century
03-01-2012, 02:03 PM
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Russia's history of the twentieth century

Russia's history of the twentieth century. Film 29-55

Developer: New Media Generation

Presents the "new generation Media┬╗ company you can gift sets " History documentary historical Russia 20th century "on DVD.
Each edition is a collection of 12 DVDs, enclosed in a gift box.
The second gift set, our country-nep. Migration up to October Revolution and the start date is a complex and controversial sections on 5 cycles.
6 cycles. The October revolution.
The cycle of "Great October" is dedicated to one of the most significant and controversial developments in the world of modern history. "The Socialist October revolution," has removed the fotjern of the oppressed working people, or a national disaster, vvergnuvshaya the power of the country into a bloody terror in time "Bolshevik"? -Review of this great historical landmarks are often polar opposites. The authors attempt to understand the life cycle: what are the conditions and forces led to the fall of Autocracy in Russia? Who was "chief director" of the October revolution, and what is actually happening in our country during the period from 1917 to 1924?
7 cycle. The murder of the Royal family.
A series of "Murder of Royal family" is devoted to one mysterious and symbolic of crimes in the history of the twentieth century. So far around the family of the last Russian Emperor, being heated debate. The authenticity of the remains buried in the Peter and Paul Cathedral in Saint-Petersburg, canonization of rehabilitation and crowned one of the family in question, it is strongly recommended. Who decides on the execution of Tsar? Who benefits covering up the truth about this tragedy? Why now, after 90 years after the bloody events, the fate of Nicholas II and his family is so concerned about Russian society? The terrible events of 1918 tell the filmmakers.
8 cycle. The American civil war.
Movies to talk about one of the largest and most protracted wars that swept Russia in the twentieth century. From 1918 to 1922 from the Red terror, hunger and disease in the territory of the former Russian Empire were about 15 million people. Mighty force was devastated and in ruins. Millions of orphans, begging. Industry and agriculture, the country was virtually destroyed. And Russia has been destroyed, the card solution I all-Union Congress of Soviets.
The coerced State, was arrested by the Bolsheviks, who bore him not only the socio-economic and political. This affects primarily spiritual sphere and aimed at the destruction of national culture and national identity. After all, the key to bring the civil war-hearts and minds of us all. Reflecting on the "spirit of the times " and the fate of the characters, asking the authors of the circle and ended a civil war in Russia in 1922?
cycle 9. Of this war communism
How a war against Poland red Moscow, the Russian people reveal this series of Lenin and Trotsky made a significant contribution to the Elimination of resistance to dictatorship.
The founders did not allow the Federal Reserve Bank wants control of financial flows in the world, and the emergence of a rival Empire in the form of Nicholas II, the victorious Empire in World War I. It was not enough to topple the monarchy, it was necessary to destroy the Imperial elites, undermining food and economic power. The famine was organized by the same people who are responsible for the genocide of the Russian people during the civil war.
Who and what is required of war communism and the NEP? "The authors are debunking the myth of the NEP as an economic resources of "market-based", which saved the country from famine. The series uses unique showing materials the NEP was an instrument of looting of Russia. "In the film, called direct customers of this "miracle."

10 cycles. Militant atheism.
Who and how to remove from the Russian church and State, how the sinking who, legend Church and state separation of good Liberals and Communists prepared under cover by the very popular movie tells and the Russian Orthodox Church persecution carried out since October 1917.

review style, proud to be a member of Total Review Center since Dec 2011.
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Russia's history of the twentieth century