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communicator P745 OrsiKreview Team4
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communicator P745 Orsi
27-10-2011, 04:30 PM
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communicator P745 Orsi

Review of GSM-communicator P745 Orsi

Photos Orsio P745 in the internal affairs

The supply includes:


1250 mAh Battery



CD with software (ActiveSync and Outlook)

Sync Cable



The fact that this is a solutions business more than six months Orsi, we only have guesses. Today, the history of the company is no longer a secret (in fact there was no mystery, just the information was not available for journalists). Orsi Solutions - national brand that sells smart phones and other technologies (Tablet PC, for example). The company is still very young and introduced to the market a little over a year.

Bears range contains only a few devices, which also caused a young brand. But when you take into account the company's desire to capture the absolute leader in the national, RoverPC, we expect globalization in recent years.

You can also talk a little about the scheme in Orsio solutions. Here RoverPC all very similar. The company buys China, Taiwan, turnkey solutions that are localized, and receives a label on it and on the box. Sometimes, the two brands to choose a platform, and as we have seen such features as n725 and Orsio RoverPC G5, or for example, g735 and Orsio RoverPC Q6. The only difference between the models is reduced to the label of the brand on the body and the various pre-configured in the software operating system.

For the buyer of this set of expressions of interest from the perspective of choice speculate. If the model RoverPC show you the way, you can search from analog Orsi and vice versa. Although it is mentioned that the RoverPC products is much more strongly represented in the crash and Orsi model search can be difficult.

Now back to the protagonist of this review. Bears Communicator RoverPC p745 is not analogous to the field, but that does not mean that the model is exceptional. Even if so, the price is interesting, very well. But things first.

The model is TET Taiwan (TechFaithWireless), all in a platform based on three planes. The differences between the models is minimal. This is a common i-mate JAQ3, considering that we recently published. Communicator and UBiQUiO 501, of Orsi and i-mate, this model has an old processor.

Among the closest competitors in the market can be called unless the cursors or HTC TyTN HTC P4350, similar to the last Orsio P745 and i-mate JAQ3 features on the platform. Placement of elements on the body in the devices and P745 JAQ3 almost the same, although some differences still exist.

Design, layout

Different dimensions from i-mate JAQ3 for the best. The model is more compact. This is reflected in ergonomics. The device fits comfortably in your hand and write with one hand holding on the same machine - the problem is feasible.

Keep the device in a pocket or clothing is still a problem, he will come to your pocket or bag. The most convenient way to carry your camera in a bag or a pocket at the waist. The color scheme of the model is not original, the company has shown in a diagram. Of dark gray plastic no attention, makes the model dark. On the other hand, is a win-win, neutral colors.

The plastic case is rather classic, in which we are accustomed to see the different models. He did not say anything special. The front panel has a display, just above - the receiver and the LED. It seems to load as well as signals missed calls or received messages. Keyboard, we're talking about a little 'later.

The left edge of the unit there are four buttons on the camera and volume keys. All buttons just above the surface of the body (1 mm) and a short period of depression. At the bottom of the fourth side is the key - to turn off the screen or device. It is a little behind in the home, eliminating the possibility of accidental operation.

The right edge of the soft reset button animated, IR port, and the area under the miniUSB connector for charging or syncing, and 2.5 mm headphone jack. Connectors covered and nothing at the top of the ribs.

Basically, there is a slot for the stylus. It's too tight to remove the stylus, you need to make a tangible effort. Here at the end of the boom does not play an important role. Remove this item is difficult. The disadvantage of this lack of - the loss of a pencil, located in the socket, is practically excluded.

The stylus is telescopic, it is moderately long and not too thin. As the connector to secure it, the pen is very tight. Publish their accounts with both hands and held a half and with a tensile strength of the other. We express the hope that at the time of the sale of this will be fixed.

At the top of the connector of the miniSD memory card. Supports up to 2 GB. No SDHC support. The connector is covered by a rubber cap, which in turn is attached to the carcass. The right side of the hole in the mounting bracket or strap. Typically, this attachment to the bottom, so you can wear the wrist strap and hold the device at the same time.

Consider the rear panel. In the upper right corner of the camera, below - the speaker will sound. Most of the back side of the body, has a lid. And 'connected to the groove, mounting solid shaft cover is minimal and occurs only in intentional loosening.

Connector on the SIM card can be seen immediately, removing the cover, but the SIM card, you must first remove the battery. Used in the device's battery has a capacity of 1250 mAh. The battery life under normal load (20 to 30 minutes a day, sending 15-20 messages, email and internet constantly 1 hour) is very dangerous. The average unit operates on a single charge and a half days. On a small platform (OMAP 850) is a low figure. However, he almost repeated the number I-Mate JAQ3. This is probably one of the characteristics of the platform.

Management, a QWERTY keyboard

Control keys and a QWERTY keyboard covers most of the front. This immediately gives us hope to operate the machine and enter the text at home.

The control unit is located directly below the display. It consists of 8 keys and the five-way center button. Top row contains the following buttons (from left): Click the Start button, two soft keys, the key "OK". In the bottom row are the key messages, receive and reject the call and the call button on your browser. The nice thing is that you can remap almost all of the key lock.

Five main central road, like all other large buttons. It is convenient to work with, to touch the buttons next to impossible. The unit has a full keyboard function. Each key is convex and is separated from the rest. Press the button is useful to get used to the keyboard instead of a few days. We can only see a disadvantage, or rather a feature of one of those "I want". The buttons are usually made of plastic, if they had been sprayed or softer, and then work with the keyboard would be a full romance.

The main drawback is the keyboard symbols. It is dark gray and blue letters - for numbers and punctuation. The fact is that due to the convexity of the layout of the keyboard brightness buttons, sometimes referred to discern the buttons is simply impossible. Poor white backlight does not help the situation in the solar time, but it works very well in the dark, uniformly illuminating all keys.


The screen is one of the latest screens. Diagonal is 2.4 "(active area - 51x38 mm) for the device screen on the edge of a minimum size comfortable, difficult to work with a pen, a stylus on the administration during movement and may forget the spectacle of the interface of small icons .. when you walk or move very difficult.

Horizontally oriented screen, the brightness and juicy pictures, he is at the level of the previous generation of screens is still in use in most Windows Mobile device manufacturers. Screen resolution - QVGA, 230x320 pixels, TFT matrix is ​​used. Horizontal viewing angles are quite large, but the vertical is minimal. Although a small deviation from the screen image is completely distorted colors. The display behaves like most other displays, old-fashioned - the stage is almost completely vanish, but the information is still readable.


This phone has a camera resolution of 2 megapixels. The interface is not very practical. Discuss in detail. In record mode, is before us facing window horizontally, occupying the right side of the screen. On the left - a panel with one of the given points. Find out what the parameters are established, the condition may not be in the viewfinder. The numeric keys are not involved, then all the settings for the menu. The menu itself is made of a tree. That is, you must first select a range of options in the dropdown have already noticed the item you want.

Photo Mode, you have the following privileges:








Picture quality (affects mainly the size of the resulting image):




White Balance:







Black and white


Cool color

The warm color

Additional parameters are the brightness and contrast available.

The video is saved in WMV format with a resolution of 176x144. Video settings match the settings in camera mode. Among the features he mentions only the possibility to limit the recording time to 15 or 30 seconds and record without any restrictions. The quality and resolution of video recorded in the office directly.

In addition, image and video modes are a few: Portrait, Auto Shutter, Burst and PhotoFrame. In burst shooting mode (burst) can make a series of rows of 2, 4 or 6. When the timer (auto-shutter), the time available - 5, 10 or 15 before the shutter.


The device is based on Texas Instruments OMAP 850 processor, the processor itself in most Windows Mobile-based devices. Operating frequency is 201 MHz processor. The amount of memory - 64 MB of memory, this number is 37.47 MB. Built-in flash memory - 128 MB. It offers the user data and settings from memory - 39.28Mb. Do not forget that the non-volatile memory is easily expandable microSD. Enough memory for most programs and applications at the same time, a number of heavy-duty applications, 64MB gradually longer sufficient. Processor performance is very familiar from other devices on the basis of it is fairly typical.

We conducted a test device with built-in video player CorePlayer reference. This is the biggest test to date. The result is equal to 100%, said the video resolution and data quality can be played on the device without significant "downs", the omission of the images is possible in dynamic scenes. A value above 120 to 130% means that the power of the machine will suffice for flawless (no dead spots and dropped frames) play video of this resolution and quality.

The result is expected. Similar results for Orsio P745, i-Mate JAQ3 and HTC P4350. Any unconverted video playback device will not be able to view limited to pre-conversion. The interface, response time, when you tap, drag the menu is also consistent with other modern amenities.


The communicator works in the GSM (850/900/1800/1900), also supports EDGE.

A set of wireless interfaces, up to the unit. This is an active infrared, module Wi-Fi (802.11 b / g) and Bluetooth. Interface connector - miniUSB standard. It is used to connect the charger and sync cable.

Integrated Bluetooth is version 1.2. The list of supported profiles are fairly standard for Windows Mobile devices using the Microsoft stack. Note the presence of A2DP profile, responsible for supporting the wireless stereo headphones. Full list of profiles of i-Mate JAQ3 looks like this:

Serial Port Profile (SPP). Emulates COM-connection devices. It is mainly used for synchronization with your desktop PC, coupling external Bluetooth devices, for example, Bluetooth GPS receiver.

Object Push Profile (OPP). It is used to move objects, such as calendar entries and contacts.

Hands-Free Profile (HFP). Connecting to a Bluetooth headset and speakerphone.

Human Interface Device Profile (HID). Connecting a Bluetooth keyboard.

Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP). Transfer via Bluetooth.

Audio Video Remote Control Profile (AVRCP). Manage your music to wireless headphones.

Profile Dial Up Networking (DUN). Use the device as a modem for Internet access.

No problem in the Bluetooth module, during testing, we found.

Version of Wi-Fi 802.11b / G. Wi-Fi work has tested the best way to complete the series of calls to the Skype network. Problems with Wi-Fi did not raise the test at home or in a cafe with an access point.


The device runs Windows Mobile 6 Professional. This is one of the key differences between p745 Bears other platform, which is based on WM 5.0 operating system.

Overview of the system and all its features can be found on our website. You can read it in a separate article.

Overview of Windows Mobile 6 Professional

A set of pre-installed software is not impressive in its volume is small. But the programs are interesting and not typical of a standard set. Let us examine them.

Java - emulator for running programs written in Java. The possibilities are limited. In most cases, support for Java-based applications for smartphones and communicators is not required, programs for Windows Mobile today, a lot. In addition, some users may have the Opera Mini browser, champion of economic traffic. Another example - Java games, which also requires an emulator. It is worth mentioning that the regular emulator does not support other libraries are used to create applications based on Java for mobile phones Nokia, Motorola and others. Run and follow the normal function of these programs can not be guaranteed.

NotesCE - an application to store various information about the numbers and addresses of the credit cards. The program is full of options and is easy to use. You can create your own bookmarks were. The full list of items presented in the form of Woody directory. As part of the icon can be changed. New notes can be created as HTML, which will leverage the hyperlink formatting, etc., for individual documents or folders can be locked from the outside with a password.

For different types of data models. For example, choose a "credit card" template, you automatically get a chance to fill the box with a full card number, owner, etc. For web pages, field data types include the site name, name user and password, e-mail.

QIP PDA - no need for a large number of users in the representation of a client for ICQ. A change in Windows Mobile is very simple and not overwhelmed by multiple functions. It's for the better, the program is easy to setup and use. The application only supports the ICQ network opportunities, taking into account the possibility of preserving the history of dialogue and use animated emoticons.

Haali Reader - a program to read the books and texts on the screen or a handheld computer. One of the best platforms for Windows Mobile. It 'no use talking again, when our director Vittorio Dashkevich dedicated to the application of a single material.

Taming Haali Reader

A small number of compensation programs for its "usefulness." Of course, one could say that this is a free software which everyone can own and want to download and install. But remember that many people, purchasing a device worn on the head with regular use and the desire immediately after purchase. Without further experimentation and exploration software. In this sense, a logical and correct programs. Program to communicate through ICQ and is not good move, since many users opt for a device with a QWERTY keyboard with an eye on the future of communication on ICQ or SMS (I'm not talking about users and customers corporate in this case).

The findings, conclusions

The quality of all calls to the machine is not quite up to date models.

Vibrate frankly low, this small fraction. In the pockets of coats vibrations notice is impossible, even in a pants pocket can pass the vibrations. The volume of the ring dynamics is average or slightly below. To hear the appeal at the office, at home, on the premises. The speaker volume is average, in most cases is sufficient. Another person to be heard in places with moderate noise.

The device will be available in late September. The Communicator will cost 12,500 rubles (490 USD). Given the QWERTY keyboard and the most comprehensive set of wireless interfaces, the price is not excessive. But try to approach this from a possible factor in the selection. Orsio P745 primarily interested in the event you need a device with a QWERTY keyboard. Hence it can make that choice?

Communicator HTC P4350 with similar features (the difference in form factor) is now an average of 15,000 to 16,000 rubles. On the side of the brand HTC, a slider and a better screen. Is it worth the price difference - you decide.

Smartphone Nokia E61, E61i, an average value of 15,000 rubles (580 USD). Device characteristics are similar, even in the models are similar in size. Unlike the operating system, and, of course, for many, the difference is that Nokia. The logical choice all depends on the accuracy of the operating system. The difference between the operating system is critical in terms of dependency, the execution of certain functions, easier than WM, which - in Symbian.

A similar picture with the phone, the Sony Ericsson P1i. SE side of the smaller, more high-quality camera, FM radio, where the price difference is considerable and has more than 7,000 rubles. The cost of SE P1i today, an average of 20 000 rubles (U.S. $ 780). The problem of choosing the operating system is also true.

Significant adverse Orsio P745, with all its advantages, its low cost, a wireless interface, QWERTY keyboard, is that the product is distributed under an unknown brand. Brand strength is high and most buyers choose to pay as much attention. If the model has its own user interested, he will think several times before it stops before an unknown brand.

Otherwise, choose a platform from QWERTY communicator Orsio be considered a success. The device is not affected incredible performance, but may be of interest to a wide range of users, and prices for the model is very reasonable.


Category: Communicator is based on Windows Mobile

Form Factor: candy bar

Competitors: i-mate JAQ3, HTC P4350, Gigabyte P60 (project)

Materials: plastic

Operating System: Windows Mobile 6 Professional

GSM Quad-band 850/900/1800/1900 MHz, EDGE

Processor: Texas Instruments OMAP 850 201 MHz Clock Speed

Memory: 64 MB (37.47 MB)

ROM: 128 MB (39.28 MB available to user for storing data and applications)

Interfaces: microSD card slot, Bluetooth 1.2 (A2DP), Wi-Fi (802.11 b / g), IrDA, miniUSB connector for charging / sync cable, 2.5 mm headphone jack

Screen: TFT 2.4 "(51x38 mm - active area) c 320x240 pixels 65K colors, 6-way adjustable backlight

Camera: 2.0 megapixel CMOS with no flash and mirror

Battery: Removable Li-Ion 1250 mAh

Dimensions: 122x65x14 mm

Weight: 125 g

We are grateful Web panel to provide a test device

liji reviews, proud to be a member of Total Review Center since Sep 2011.
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