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Review of GSM-G200 Pantech

Pantech G200 pictures of the interior

Scope of supply:


Battery (slim and high capacity)



Sync cable, software


The look and feel of the machine model G200 Pantech similar Q 80. The produc..................

Daihatsu Gran Move , Posted by: liji reviews daihatsu gran move 16 cx executive, daihatsu gran move 16 cx executiveDaihatsu Gran Move, daihatsu gran move 15 1998, daihatsu grand move specs, daihatsu gran move wiki, daihatsu grand move for sale, daihatsu grand move 16, daihatsu grand move workshop manual, daihatsu grand move plus, daihatsu grand move 15, daihatsu grand move parts, daihatsu grand move review, Daihatsu Gran Move, Move, Gran, Daihatsu,

Daihatsu Gran Move

A model
This is a Daihatsu Charade in the performance of luxury. With a length of 4.06 m, the car is very monevrenny and vmestitelnyy.Sostavlyaet alternative to cars like Opel Astra Caravan and Volkswagen Golf - wagon.

Rating: 3.77 out ..................

Daihatsu Applause , Posted by: liji reviews daihatsu applause panels, daihatsu applause panelsDaihatsu Applause, daihatsu applause service manual, daihatsu applause 1994, daihatsu applause review, daihatsu applause 1993, daihatsu applause manual, daihatsu applause parts, daihatsu applause for sale, daihatsu applause 1991, daihatsu applause engine, daihatsu applause workshop manual, Daihatsu Applause, Applause, Daihatsu,

Daihatsu Applause

A model
Available since 1990, four-door sedan with an unusually large cap bogazhnika. At the 1997 Frankfurt Motor show modernize Appause - a slight change in the design of the machine, which affected mainly the front end. Takzhk changed shape of the dashboard an..................

Daihatsu Move Minivan , Posted by: liji reviews daihatsu move service manual, daihatsu move service manualDaihatsu Move, daihatsu move body kit, daihatsu move turbo, daihatsu move aerodown, daihatsu move 2006, daihatsu move parts, daihatsu move specs, daihatsu move rs, daihatsu move custom, daihatsu move 2011, daihatsu move review, daihatsu move peanut, daihatsu move for sale, daihatsu move conte, Daihatsu Move, Minivan, Move, Daihatsu,
Daihatsu Move:: Minivan

A model
The model was created based on the vehicle Cuore. Represents a new generation of station wagons - the 5 door model monocab, length 3.31 m, but more spacious than the Cuore. Engine of 0.9 liters has an output 42 hp However, its driving characteristics..................

Daihatsu Feroza , Posted by: liji reviews daihatsu feroza 4x4, daihatsu feroza 4x4Daihatsu Feroza, daihatsu feroza forum, daihatsu feroza wiki, daihatsu feroza spare parts, daihatsu feroza specs, daihatsu feroza workshop manual, daihatsu feroza review, daihatsu feroza lift kit, daihatsu feroza for sale in the philippines, daihatsu feroza for sale, daihatsu feroza parts, Daihatsu Feroza, Feroza, Daihatsu,

Daihatsu Feroza

A model
This sporty, compact and agile all-terrain vehicle suitable for driving on a good road as well as on the road. His ability to do some work in the off-road conditions associated with the construction of the chassis, high ground clearance and four-wheel driv..................

Daihatsu Rocky Off-road , Posted by: liji reviews daihatsu rocky for sale craigslist, daihatsu rocky for sale craigslistDaihatsu Rocky, daihatsu rocky for sale in usa, daihatsu rocky radiator, daihatsu rocky wiki, daihatsu rocky reviews, daihatsu rocky engine swap, daihatsu rocky lift kit, daihatsu rocky engine, daihatsu rocky mpg, daihatsu rocky forum, daihatsu rocky parts, daihatsu rocky for sale, Daihatsu Rocky, Off road, Rocky, Daihatsu,

Daihatsu Rocky:: Off-road

A model
Jeep Rosky available in two versions - Rosky and Rosky wagon. That is the short and oblong base. In both versions put turbonnadduvny diesel, 2.8-liter capacity and 98 hp The model produced since 1984, and in 1993 was re-styled and upgrade the sus..................

Daihatsu Terios Off-road , Posted by: liji reviews daihatsu terios kid, daihatsu terios kidDaihatsu Terios, daihatsu terios 2009, daihatsu terios 2006, daihatsu terios indonesia, daihatsu terios 2007, daihatsu terios 2008, daihatsu terios accessories, daihatsu terios price, daihatsu terios review, daihatsu terios parts, daihatsu terios 2010, daihatsu terios 4x4, daihatsu terios 2011, Daihatsu Terios, Off road, Terios, Daihatsu,

Daihatsu Terios:: Off-road

A model
Terios - one of the cheapest all-wheel drive SUVs in Japan. For example, in Germany the base price Terios CX is 26.6 thousand marks. The uniqueness of this car is that it is at its very compact size is a 5-door station wagon, albeit a 4-local. A..................

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